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anyone racing crx??


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I'm building a 1985 CRX Si for an oval track... I ran a cavalier last year, and it was a POS. This is the first year they've allowed foreign cars to run. I have always wanted to run a CRX, as I've had two ('86 CRX & '87 CRX Si) as daily drivers in the past - The '87 was a little screamer, and I've always felt it would whip any of the domestics currently running out front. I haven't had this '85 out on the track yet, but if it runs anything like that '87, that little freak would just fry those tires up anywhere under 35 MPH. On a 1/5 Mile Asphalt Oval Track, that translates to potenially being 'in the power' all the way down the straightaway. None of the cars I ran against last year had that kind of power. The '87 handled great, as long as you were careful with the gas.


My main concerns are:

1. Hooking up - Only because the '87 would quickly break loose, if you weren't careful with the gas.

2. Weight - Getting pushed around (spun out), because the CRX is so light.

3. 'Crush' Zones - My '86 was done in by 3' tall yellow pole in the wintertime at a parking lot - I was going less than 5 MPH & backed into the pole - The rear end looked like (V-Shape) I was doing 35 MPH.


Any advice or experience the forum might have to share would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking all over the net for info on these compact/mini stock/four cylinder division/class cars, but have found very little.


The few that I have found describe the CRX's as nearly untouchable in these classes.


This is an ALL-STOCK division. We are allowed to adjust camber on the right front only, using existing hardware. No engine mods.


We are allowed to remove the exhaust & catalytic converter, but I don't know how much that will help - Not sure how much to take off.


We are allowed to add weight.


We are allowed to reinforce bumpers, to some degree.

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im going to be racing on a 1/3 mile asphalt track. most hondas go very well at the track they just have a poor bottem end from what i have seen. ill put some pics up when i get my car back from being letered up.



go to Gude Performance. he has alot of cars running on dirt and asphalt here. He can help you with everything you will need. Call and ask for Mr.Gude

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