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So I had a gift card and a bunch of rewards points for Best Buy, so I figured I'd go buy Crysis.


I just installed it and played about 2 minutes of the first level, but I'm about to go to bed.


So just wondering if anyone else has it and what they think of it.


I'll have to figure out online multiplayer when I get back from classes tomorrow.....

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isn't this the game that would crash computers when trying to run it at the intended 30fps at it's original resolution? lol...heard it's a looker, but i doubt i'll be able to play long on my measley desktop and underpowered laptop.

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I guess my post never got sent.. hmmm.. any how the game is bad ass i have my setting on low and the game still runs and looks good.. there is a "ultra high" graphics setting I would kill for a PC that good. lol..


here is what to expect on low.. if your pc has better specs then mine.. SWEET!!


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Game is hard as hell. I have it on easy and for some reason the accuracy of all my guns sucks.

I can't hit people when I'm aiming right at them from 10 ft away.


It seems I have to stand perfectly still to hit anybody. WTF!?


Vital, you have this problem?

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