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Aghhhh Coursework


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It's 4:30 am. I've been up since about 2pm wednesday (life of a student). got a project to hand in about 12 hours, we got handed it like a month ago and i started it about 9pm last night, nearly finished now! a whole project in one night! oh yes! I've had to draw about 50 frames for an animation, with the Tin Man off the Wizard of Oz. I NEVER want to see this character again. ever. ever...ever. Not sleeping tonight i dont think, im loaded up on coffee, gotta stay awake till tomorrow (or today as it is) so I can get this in. Once ive finished these bastard frames I gotta do a storyboard, research,and some other stuff. All I wanna do is sleep. Got class at 9am so i gotta stay up n hopefully get this finished by then. Had to hand in 3 projects in one week...this week has been a bitch. If i get this one in tomorrow I would of managed to get 2 of them in on time, bugger the other one. I have started to hate the 3d animating program Maya with a passion.

I just cant wait until friday, get to see my lovely friend ALCOHOL! plus going to a drum n bass gig to see Nicky Blackmarket (for those who listen to this mental music n mite of heard of him), gonna be an awesome nite, party from 9-4. OH YES. any one else on here at uni finding coursework a bitch?


i really should make a blog or something lol.

anyway...i gotta go n make some more coffee.

good mornin you yankydoodles. lol i like that word. :D

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im doing a course in 3D Animation, and we've had to do a bit of traditional animation for one of the pieces of work. almost finished the drawn frames now, just gotta scan em in and make a movie out of them, then do research and a storyboard :(. word of advice wannaBstuntin, if u wanna learn 3D try using 3D Studio Max instead, its soooooo much easier! I used that in college for like 3 years, now i gotta start from the beggining n learn maya, and it's impossible compared to Max. lol n yeah uni=university

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ouch, not gud! this week i had to hand in a 7 minute script in on monday, managed to get that in on time, then tuesday i had to hand in a 3d piece, then tomorrow this animation. i was just gonna leave this one cos i never thought id get it done, just battled through it in one night though! :D chuffed ive almost got it done. screw being a traditional animator though, like 6-8hours work for about 5 seconds of animation. cartoons now have a lot more respect than I had for them at the beginning of the night!

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ah i had these projects set before Christmas, but of course I just got drunk over the xmas holidays when i should have been working! hence me doing it the night before it had to be in! anyway, I managed to get it in on time! :D the coffee is wearing off now lol, had like 12 cups of coffee last night with about a tablespoon of the stuff in each! lol it got to about 8am, on my 12 or 13th cup, then half way through it I realized my heart was literally going about 1000 beats a minute and thought i had better stop drinking it! me heart was going mental! lol.

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