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Question About Selling


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Hi all, I hope I'm in the right forum. I own a 97' Civic EX Coup 1.6 that has 118K miles on it. It's currently in the shop with a cylinder two misfire symptom. Upon further inspection the dealership found that I had a slight crack in my cylinder head and another in my engine block, they feel this is the cause of the check engine light not responding correctly.


Under the Extended Emissions Warranty suite with Honda, they are covering my cars repairs and are currently putting in a new short block, cylinder head, spark plugs, distributor cap, ignition wires, water pump and a new oil filter along with a oil change at no cost to me and also will be coming with a 3 year 36,000 transferable warranty.


I'm having them change out the timing belt since they have it all apart anyway and it should be done since I haven't done it yet. My question is this. Now that all this work is being done to my car I figure now it the best time to sell it to maximize a return on it so I was seeing what you guys thought it might be worth at this stage of its life.


I looked on Ebay and my local papers and the same car as my own with about 130K were being sold around $5,500 to $6. A friend of mine doesn't think I can get anything close to $6 but I disagree. What do you guys think?

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i think you should get a ton more than that if they are putting a brand new engine with a 36K factory warranty in it. is the car in good condition? i think 6K is very reasonable.



Car is in excellent condition. I keep up with oil changes and my exhaust is new since 1.5 years ago from the converter back. So the body has 118K wear on it and a small ding on the driver side rear quarter panel (I think someone hit me with a shopping cart) but other than that nothing wrong.


I put in custom headlights and taillights and that's it for customizations. I figured I could put it up for around $8 and the worse that happens is someone offers lower.

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