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planning on turbo


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hey sorry guys i am new with forums and and with honda as well so fi you could just kinda point me in the right direction that would be cool thanks sorry to wast your time!


hey planning on turboing my 92 hatch. i was just wonding cuz smoe friends have parts but they are from a 96 so i was wondering do the new ecu like the p28 work in the 92 sohc vtec


can any one point me in the right direction on what motors and whats years came with what engine management and things?


also how hp and boost can the d16 with stand and rev to before you need to start changing internals

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hey so i have read a few ohter post and things about the turbo and pretty much see that around 8 is what ever one sheould run ona stock sohc as long as the motor is fresh! is this with out changing injectors or any tunning at all????


or do you still need to get the ecu chipped a little


is it possible to hook up the air fuel gauge and after you get everything put on run it down te street and make sure you are watching so it is not to lean maybe start with around 4-5 and slowly go up?


sorry guys i am new i i will have front mount and stuf fon my kit

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PSI is on a completely stock motor, even injectors. you will needd something to tune the ECU with like hondata, crom, etc. you can run an A/F gauge when ever you feel. i would suggest doing it before you turbo it so it will make tuning alot easier.

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