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crx wont stART


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whats up just seeing if u guys can answer my question...i just picked up a rex just a sohc d series with a vtec head,and ls obd0 ls ecu...i had a question though...i was driving my car and my crap just died out...happened like 3 times...heres all the things i checked


im getting



-fuel pump works

-main relay works

-compression good


but yea now its just cranking and cranking no turnin over


in notice my intake air control connector (I.A.c) is not getting enough voltage<---- and also my ecu is shooting a egr and i.a.c code 12 and 10


so could my problem just be

-i.a.c connector

-fuel filter

-distributer bad ?


maybe im not getting enough fuel ?


will the ls dohc ecu make me dump 2 much fuel causing flooding ?

or is the iac connector just f*cking everything up ?


if it is my distributer how can i check if it is bad ?


what you think ?

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I been in your shoes wish i could help.. I have just about the same specs, CRX JDM D15B .. I took it to the shop they rewired everything (OBD0-OBD1) and said I wasnt getting any negative power .. or that it wasnt grounded right im not sure i have to ask the guys again..



yea that be koo if you can ask em.


im going to check my grounds first and test my starter and if not that replace my fuel filter then lock at the i.a.c connector and figure out why its not getting proper voltage...and yea i relocated my battery to the back so i am using a 4 gage wire one litte wire from the trunk chasis to the neg teminal and a long 4 gage wire from the neg. terminal to the intake manifold <--- is this correct ? all my lights an delectric works and also my vtec is not connected and it is still obd0 with ls ecu

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alright guys heres a update


i just installed a new fuel filter,battery, and my starter is good. check my grounds..also my car was sitting for about 8 hours after i installed those parts it started up :) i had it running for only like 3 min then i turned it off then i tryed to turn it back on but it wouldnt start up :( same problem again just cranks but not starting..also took my spark plugs out after crankiing it and i have fuel on my spark plugs...


well now im goign ot get new spark plug wires then go from there


well let me know what you guys think

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cause that ecu is not mapped or designed to run that engine , how is this unclear? what do you expect to gain exactly from running that engine with that ecu? do you know how an ecu work? or an engine for that mater? do you see where im going here? lol

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