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i got two 12'' xtant subs and i do not know much about this kind of stuff. i dont know what kind of amp and speaker wire i should buy or any other accessories i buy. any info would be nice. thanks for hour help

well first and fore most build a box specifically for those woofers. get the specs from the manufacturer as far as type of enclosure and amount of air space. If you don't have the specs you can build a sealed box with 1.25 cuft per woofer. Rule of thumb. As for power, if the woofers are a 1000watts max then usually it would be half of that in RMS power so 500watts. Get an amp that can produce 500 watts rms power per woofer. Rule for subs also applies for the amps. So you would be looking at a 2000watts max power amp. Get a quality amp. some amps say 2000watts but is a no name. YOu open it up and it's a 1/4 of the size of the heat sink. As far as size wire to use, depend on the distance. Think of it this way, if you drank a shake through 1/4" straw you get some resistance, but if you increase the size of the straw to 1/2" you get less resistence. If you can afford a 0 gauge wire for the power wire and ground you should be fine. Speaker wire should be 12gauge or bigger should be fine for you. Also get an amp with a built in low pass crossover. one less thing to buy. set frequency for 100-80 hz and below. You crossover for your highs should be set 100-80 hz and above. hope that helps. My first job was an installer at a stereo shop when I was in 7th grade. The second car I ever worked on made Lowrider mag. I never thought that would happen

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dont forget about ohm load are they DVC (dual voice coils) or single this is another factor when choosing an amp if you have two 250watt rms single 4ohm voice coil subs and a 500watt rms monoblock thats 1 ohm stable you only will be running half power off the amp. unless its a regulated power supply like some of the JL amps. 2 dual 4 ohm subs ran in parellel would be right for the setup above, or a 500w amp that runs at 2ohm


just my $.02

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