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Door panel 'wrinkles'


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What options are available to remedy the wrinkles on the door panels in my Del Sol? I've seen this on a lot Sols, so I guess it's pretty common...


Anyone aware of carbon fiber replacements, or interior shops that refinish 'em (in leather?), or ???


Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, due to the design of the door panels I believe they have to be professionally refinished if you want it to look proper.


Nate had a good idea a long time ago, though, that might be worth trying. Take off the door panel and cut a slit behind where the leather is wrinkling up. Then squirt some super glue in there and press the leather down and hold it till it dries. That might work but I have never experimented with it at all.

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Yeah, I never got a chance to try the super glue idea (sold my del sol) but it should work if the person is careful. You'd need some type of syringe or something to get glue all the way through. Either that or do a few different slits on the backing to get glue in different areas. You'd have to be careful not to cut throught the vinyl on the front side though.

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