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Quick question.... I've recently got interested in the H22 (really who doesnt want more power?) A local shop around me would install the swap for $3300. That is all parts and the labor. I currently have a B18B1 in my 93 Del Sol. My question is.... Do I continue heading towards the H22 and turbo it in roughly two - three years or immediatly work on turboing my B18B1? The car is NOT my DD, however I wouldn't want it to be unreliable in any way either. I would like to drive 600 miles to shows and not trailer it. I just had my head reshaved due to it being warped about three months ago. I cant decide what is better esp since I just got involved in Imports. As far as power.... I wouldnt mind high 200 to mid 300hp. I dont have a problem with faster either! LOL But that is about as low as I would want to be. And I know that goal would be easy with the H22. I was also told that I wouldnt have to sleeve the block of the B18B1 but as the H22 I have no choice because of the carbon fiber and aluminum (FMR I think) I dunno... I just need someone to slap me in the face and point me in a direction. LOL

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Sleeving a b28 isn't a real necessity if all you're looking for is 300hp. It's obviously something nice to have, but on a b18b1 it's not crucial. I say this because I'm basically assuming those are the numbers you want. Of course if you boost you'll want more so..


Sleeving would be great on either motor.

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That actually makes alot of sense. I am still unsure of which setup I would want.... If I do look into the B18B1 more.... should I see about putting a v-tec head on? I really wouldnt want to because I just had mine reshaved $856 later :( But I would love more power! LOL Who doesnt?

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