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Removing Car Stereo?

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I broke my antenna off my 94 Civic when I parked under a tree. I need to replace the antenna but I am guessing that I need to take out the car stereo so I can unplug the old antenna cable. It is an aftermarket stereo. The antenna mounts on the driver side door panel.


I got a DIN tool but the U-shaped tool is too thick to go on the side of the stereo. Is there different DIN tools for different cars? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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you shuold be able to just remove the antennas fro the top of the car without removing the whole thing to th stereo.


I don't have a problem when replacing the antenna. My issue is that the antenna hooks to the back of the stereo that i need to unplug. That's why I need to take the stereo out so I can access the back.


I talked to a co-worker and he told me that I need a Clarion (the stereo that I have) key to get the stereo out. The tools that I was using was more for Ford cars. Now I need to find that key. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

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it is better to use the correct keys for the radio, you could try using two SMALL flat tip screwdrivers to get it loose you have to unlock the cage from the radio to get it out, most stereo shops can do this for you some for a small fee


Thanks. I'll try a stereo shop.

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