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p28 vs p72


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They both search for different things in your motor, plus p28 is obd1 and p72 can be obd2. For example the p72 reads for the IAB's and it will throw a CEL if you are running it on a motor without them or inless you chip it.

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CEL = Check Engine Light


On your GSR motor....do you still have the stock Intake Manifold? If so, then you need to be running a P72. P72 will control the butterfly valves in a GSR intake manni and P28 won't. Supposedly some tuners can set up a P28 for this, but it's not easy from what I've heard.


If you are running an aftermarket intake manifold then you could get a P28 and have it tuned with crome or neptune. If you are running a stock ecu and not planning on getting a tune, then you need to stick with a P72, regardless of the manifold.


Hope that helps and isn't too confusing.


Cliff Notes:

GSR w/ stock intake manifold and no tune = P72

GSR w/ aftermarket intake manifold and no tune = P72

GSR w/ aftermarket intake manifold chipped and tuned = P28 (or OBD-1 P72)

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P28's, since they are OBD1, also don't search for knock, EGR, and a few other sensors that an OBD2 computer is going to look for. But if you have a 95 GSR swap already swapped into your hatch it should be running off a P72 currently and it should already be OBD1 sees how that is the OEM ECU. Depending on what your future plans for your car are will determine really if you should run a P28 or a P72 but either way if you get a P28 I highly recommend purchasing Hondata, Crome or EC tune for more tuning capabilities, inless you do VERY minor mods then a good chip would do as long as the tuner knows what he's doing.

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alright well that helps alot i bought the engine with wiring harness and the ecu from a shop by my house and then gave me a p28 ecu and said that was the stock one.. jerks.. so now im going to just go ahead and buy a p72. is the p72 going to be better for tuning later on?

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