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my first build


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so im deifinitely a noob. but im kinda gettin the hang of this. about to buy a 96 civic hx shell. its just missin the engine and the guy blew his out twice, and got a 350z so hes deciding to get rid of his civic. i just need advice on if this sounds like a good idea. Im thinkin a B20 block from a crv and Vtec 1.8L head and ECU along with a 10p.s.i. turbo kit. just want some advice, get some input from some people who have some knowledge on this

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i dont know about that block but i have plenty of friends that are running 9 pounds daily driven, oh d series blocks, including myself. so i would immagine a b series would be able to also.





-That block can't handle that much boost on stock internals.

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sleeving is for high power engines. you dont need to sleeve a DD street car. and to think that a B series engine can handle it just cause a D can from your experience is foolish. they are nothing alike. the D series bottoms are all girdled for one thing , non vtec B18's are not.

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dude if you're serious just get the b20 block and sleeve it, then you can run 7 p.s.i daily and crank it up as much as you want for races. the b16 is my least favorite motor to tell you the thruth...make sure you have a wiring harness and transmission bolts right in (if he had a sohc before)

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cranny is the heat. If he was a hot big breasted women.. i'd hit it. LOL




Edit: i'd like to say that statement was a joke for those that are offened...... F*ck Off! :D

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