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I do not remember where I heard it or maybe I never did hear it haha. Is it better for a car to run if you keep the gas tank fuller, instead of letting it go down to e. If so why?? haha idk why i was just thinking this

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I think what you probably heard was that it's better to store a car with a full tank of gas. This is so there will be less condensation buildup over time. If you store a car with an empty or half full tank then there's more room inside the tank for condensation to buildup and more chance for getting water in the tank.


That's what I've always heard at least. As for driving with the gas.....I don't think it makes a difference.

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that stuff just doesn't stay at the bottom, it will float around your tank as you drive.


Example, my bug when I first got it running would run for anywhere from 2 minutes, to 5 days, then leave me sit, until I would blow through the gas line. Later I found that a single flake of paint was blocking the port on the bottom of my tank.

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Yeah, but who actually empties the tank completely? And who has a diesel?


Get outta here, Frank, with your crazy alternate realities, haha...


HAHAHA...hey, Diesel is making a comeback...


Acura will introduce the new i-DTEC clean diesel engine to the North American market in 2009. The i-DTEC engine reduces noxious exhaust emissions while boosting power and fuel efficiency. A combination of optimized combustion chamber design and reduced injection time results in a clean, quiet engine that delivers excellent performance for an enjoyable driving experience. In addition, the i-DTEC engine meets the ultra-stringent U.S. EPA Tier II Bin 5 emission standards without the on-board storage of urea.


It's a turbo-diesel to boot. Prolly something similar to what is out in Europe for the Accord. Watch out...it's all about "D-TAK!" Yah that's right...I'm happy to be the first person to spell DTEC wrong. LOL.

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