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oil pressure sending unit -oil leak??


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I have a 2004 Accord (EX 4 cyl) which runs great. Had no major issues (except brake judder) under warranty. Now at 40 K miles showing an slight oil leak. It is near or above the oil filter. I thought it was becos of dealer not tightening oil filter properly. Got that checked out.

Dealer says it could be oil pressure sending unit or :sad: some solenoid but not loose oil filter !!


I don't think this is common for Honda. Any way what you guys think ? Any body had similar issue? How much could be bill (approximate)? I am planning to get it done at the dealer. He is planning to do the dye test to find the exact source of the leak.


I am DIY guy for small things. But with 10 degree weather and tight access to oil pressure sensor it is not worth it. I am planning to go to dealer


I am really looking for your opinion. :bow:

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It's a 10 minute job. save your money. Just take off your oil filter (yes you can reuse it). pull off the plug and unscrew the sending unit...i just did this as mine was leaking, new sending unit was 8 bucks at advanced auto. The sending unit is brass so thread sealant is not needed but i used some anyways.

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