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accord bogs down after warm up?????


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i have a 1990 accord that i drove daily.It was running fine till one night i started it up and now it bogs down on take off (low rpms) after it warms up,wether its in gear or not. When it is started it has all the power back but about after 2 or 3 mins running it bogs down unless you keep the rpms above 2000. I changed fuel filter,plugs,wires,cap and button but didnt do anything. But like i said as long as you keep it above 2000 rpms it does fine,and if you let go below that its sounds almost like its running out of gas but it gets up 2 2000 and i get full throttle response and power back....Please help!!!

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Since you have already changed the suspect items, my next guess would be vaccuum. Try changing the vaccuum lines. You might have a leak in one that is causing problems. On a car that old, they can easily dry rot and crack or come loose. Just a thought.

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