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200 Accord EX V6 alarm going off all the time


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Just started having this happen in the past week. I hear the alarm going off and go outside to turn it off and pressing the unlock button on the remote doesnt work. I had to get in the car and start it one night to make it stop. It's the factory alarm system too. It seems to only do it overnight at like 2 or 3 in the morning, which is prime time to upset the neighbors.


I did some googling and the only real solution I found was to short out the hood sensor. There are two wires that you need to put together right near the hood latch. I have a friend at the dealer that did it for $30. Basically, what this does is make the system think the hood is always open and then the car will not allow the alarm to be armed. So now I have no alarm. But there is no fuse that controls only the security system - other things are connected to it.


Anyone else done this? Does it work? Or will I be awakened tonight to the sound of my car's horn beeping?

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your car is fine :)


This happened to me before...it got fixed the same way as yours...everything was fine then...but after a few months, I had problems with electrical again but the alarm wasn't going off...they might not be related but it's always good to check it all...

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it might go off again if the hood sensor is not the only problem...we don't know if there is something else wrong with it, so electrical needs to get checked out :)


OK, so it just went off in my driveway again for no reason. Can anyone help me here? What else could be making it go off? How expensive is this going to get too? (You can even just use a scale like 'not much to Donald Trump couldnt afford it' if you want.)

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1) Door lock cylinder switch is either loose or is bad and needs replacing


check all of your doors one by one and look at the interior light to see if it goes out at least an inch or so before closing...if any of them go just as it latches, see if the switch is bad...or glue to where the switch pushes...and check...


2) Any loose wires inside the dash or doors can short at any time and cause the alarm to go off...If you can, check the inside of dash and doors...or take to the dealer for this...


as for price, if it's a loose wire it doesn't cost anything...but if it's the switch, then should be around 50-100 or so...


Hope this helps...let us know how this works out...good luck :)

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I might have found it. After calling an independent shop recommended by my father, they suggested to start with the key fobs. I opened the remotes and took out the battery from each in order to get replacements. I put the battery back in to the one that I use all the time and viola! - alarm goes off immediately. Take it out, put it back in - alarm!!!


Now in defense of Honda, I messed with the remote to disable the panic buttons which would get pressed in my pocket all the time. I thought I took the contact off for it but I think it was actually causing the short. I might get some new remotes on eBay or something since they are expensive at the dealer. For now I am going to use the other remote and pray that this actually is the problem. And that it is fixed.

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