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Honda swap dreams.......

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Ok last night before bed I was browsing ebay. I has looking for a co worker a car for his soon. He was wanting a scion TC, but being a HS kid his dad was looking for something more affordable...I responded with civic,integra, and prelude......well I was looking at the prelude and along with the cars cxame the H22 motors. Now I own a 95 hatch and currently have a B16 swap. I would like to get something with a littl more touque and better overall performance. I have looked into the H22 swap, but have heard that handling is horrible after the swap.( anyone care to comment on this?) So B20 is my next choice. Well in my dream I did a LS1 swap into the civic and it took less that a afternoon.......LOL that would be crazy.:devil:





So with a swap in my near future which would you go with? Cost pending.

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why don;t you keep your b16 tranny and head and swap the block for a b20 block? B20 block from Hmotorsonline.com is $600+ shipping.

leaning in that direction...and maybe the addition of a SC in the near future...nothing to big on pressure. I would be happy with 6-9psi.(upgraded internals on the block of course.)

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i dont think its the engine sits urther back in the B20 case , its simply thats its smaller , and looks like its in a different position cause its taking less room.

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