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Amazing buggy find!

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Well ladies and gents, its been awhile since I have posted anything about any current projects so I'd thought that I would share.


I've been looking to rebuild the sandrail, and have been looking for a good used frame, or some abandoned project that was started, but lately I've been looking into some street fiberglass dune buggies (since I already have the shortened pan). Problem is, is that the new bodies run about $1200, and it is getting harder and harder to find a reasonably priced used body. But I recently stumbled upon this....






Those are two freshly reconditioned fiberglass tub buggy molds that will make the body pictured below.




I contacted the shop owner via email a few days ago, for the price, and if they were still available, and surprisingly he said yes, and he only wanted $400 for the set of molds! Since I've had quite a bit of self-taught fiberglassing/mold making experience, I couldn't respond quick enough to his email to tell him that I'd take them off his hands.


So... hopefully today I'm going to send him some money for a down-payment, and then in a week or two when I have off work, go and pick them up.


After that, my plan is to pop off a body or two for myself (perfect my large scale fiberglassing) then start advertising to sell them for something like $800 a pop! That should be a decent extra income to support my addiction my car hobby for awhile!

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Just got off the phone with the owner not 5 min ago. Making a down payment on it on Sunday, then I just need to find time for a drive to Michigan....


He said he just re-shot the gelcoat on the inside of the mold . The fiberglass shop screwed up the only body to come off of this mold after it was refinished the first time, and it pulled up a bunch of gelcoat. it just needs to be re sanded to a mirror finish. Should be a nice little job to accomplish during the winter.


Also I need to make up a dash mold, because thats the only part missing from the set.


I'm fuken excited!!!

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Im in the process of building a buggy and an xj (jeep cherokee)the cherokee is getting caged and reinforced and a custom long arm suspension. The buggy hasnt been started yet but will consist of tube steel, a chevy 350, rockwell axles and 42" tires :p


Building things like this can be limitless and lots of fun too! Although they are time consuming

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