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d16z6 Engine trouble


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Alright, I don't know much about hondas, so I need some help.My bro has a 95 ex d16z6. We just installed new piston rings, rod bearings, arp head studs, new timing belt , water pump, oil pump, skunk 2 cam gear, 4 puck clutch, fidanza lightweight flywheel and new gaskets and seals. Here are the problems we are having: It won't rev past 6200 rpm's, it has NO power(sounds very strong but doesnt pull) It has a hard time idling, and just doesnt run right. Also, there is no check engine light on. If you need me to explain anything in further detail, please ask and I will. I know nothing about hondas, I'm a dsmer, but I need to help my bro out, so please help me out and school me as needed. TIA

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hahah couldnt be any worse then when i put my new head on my d16 and wouldnt rev past 3 grand since i couldnt get the crank pully off to reset the timing. but its done now and i can say it will cause it to not rev past 62k since mine revs out at about 78k when the timing is right.

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