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Ohhhhhhh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god


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I was just cruising around on the interwebs and decided to drop in on King motorsports. Clicked on the contact info and almost sh!t myself. I'm like three hours from them. I did not know this. I'm going to have to venture out there one of these days and see if I can get some stuffage for the sol.

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I used to have one near me back in Bennington, VT called Big Biys Toys but i heard they closed down not sure though. and there is one up here in Anchorage, AK that i havn't gone to yet called Underground Performance.

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Apparently you haven't heard Kegger, they are well known for taking what they put into the car if you get my drift. Becareful bro, dont go to them or Beeyond Engineering, not worth it.

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