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Problems @ SPEEDWORLD?

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We would appreciate any/all comments regarding your experiences at Speedworld over the past 12 months. If you have experienced problems with the track, the staff, the facility itself, etc. let us know. Whatever comes to mind, say it! Don't hold anything back, just let it fly. You won't hurt anyone's feelings.


Addiitionally, if you would like to see changes at the facility, make a prioritized list with your response to this post. We truly appreciate all of those that will take a few minutes and provide us with some insight to any problems that need to be addressed.


Please note: RPM Group is not affiliated or associated with Speedworld Dragstrip.


Thanks for your help!

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um, who the f*ck are you and what is speedworld?



1. Speedworld Dragstrip is located (for the past 46 years) Northwest of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.


2. We are merely gathering information from YOU, (the customer), in an effort to make an educated investment decision. Your input is greatly appreciated & we will continue to monitor the comments posted in this thread.


Thanks again

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I don't think there are many, if anyone from the phoenix area.






Edit: For the most part i think were all tied to the coasts exception being a couple of us.

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the only probs i have with speedworld is everytime i call over there no one answers. and its a little bit of a drive but nothing they can do bout that. otherwise everyone (other than some of the punk ass ricers) r really chill.




btw..... im from mesa so im much closer than airjordan

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