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Radiator stop leak


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Hi everyone,


Last night my radiator started leaking pretty bad. The radiator had been sealed and the sealant is clearly seen on the top but there is still a little(lot) fluid that leaks once and a while. I want to get a new radiator in 2 weeks (payday) and was planing on getting a Koyo. in the mean time i was checking for stop leak solutions. I found JB weld Permoseal. I know Jb weld is good stuff. I also saw Gunk and others, any suggestions....


On Wikihow i saw that Ground Pepper can fix a leak and even Egg yokes. here's the link: http://www.wikihow.com/Seal-a-Leaking-Radiator Does anyone have expirence using something like this before???


Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


PS Koyo radiators are available on etyparts.com for $160 ish

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now i've got a new problem. Last night while driving w/ the heat on everything was fine and the car didn't overheat. but after i turned the heat off the car overheated. this is after driving 3mi letting the car idle for about 10 min then driving back 3mi. on the way back i stopped the heat and the temp shot up. I parked and let it rest for a while, then drove home around the corner. when i got home the car wasn't warmed up yet but the Rpm's shot up to 3000k then down to 700, back and forth. I haven't started the car yet (still dark) and a friend of mine says that it could be a hose but i think it may be the water pump???


Any suggestions. Ps 2.2 F22a6 w/ 135K. i don't think a tune up was ever performed and also was gonna drive to the honda dealer to see what is up.


Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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car overheated while going to Honda Dealer so i ended up getting a ride and purchased a thermostat. the old thermo wasn't oem so i figured this should do it but the car still overheats and it also does the over rev thing which should end once the car is hot so i will prob clean these two also.


Not having a good time w/ Honda >_<

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This is why I support credit cards.


If I need something and know I'll be able to pay for it in less than a month, I charge it to card and earmark the funds to pay the bill. Then I get to have my cake and eat it too.


Glad you got the problem sorted out.

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