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what u eating this xmas

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at chris' parent's we had country ham, turkey, yellow squash, saurkraut, green beans, sweet potatoes, shrimp, brie, mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry relish, watermelon rind pickles, rolls, chocolate cake, cupcakes, apple pie, & cookies, & we were over there last night for xmas eve dinner- prime rib roast w/ mixed roasted veggies, & roast potatoes.


at my mum's we had turkey w/ bread sauce, stuffing, asparagus & baklava

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I didn't really know what thread to put all these photos in, but some are food so I decided here.

I had some cheesesteak pics too but somehow I accidentally deleted them.

I had one on the way to NJ and one on the way back at different places.

They were sooo good with mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.

Anyways, here's the rest of my trip to NJ


So I went to my aunt and uncle's house in NJ the past few days. Now I'm back. Here's some (lots of) pics....

[Pizza the first night, along with cherry pie for dessert]


[Dessert for the next night]


[Fancy schmancy dinner table]


[Filet mignon with shrimp - I only had a little piece of shrimp though cuz I don't like it

We also had these breaded rice cakes, squash, and some other stuff]


[The guard dog haha]


[The tree and living room]


[Went to the beach...two of my fav shots]



[The fish tank]


[The cars - Uncle's Mercedes CL55 AMG]



[Aunt's Jaguar XKR]



[The back seat even with the front seat tilted forward still has no room]



That's about it. I have some other pics but mostly just more of the same stuff.

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