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Iam planing on getting me a b18b1 block from a junk yard and all b18b1 poarts as well from the junk yard so can anyone tell me what can i do to make this engine fast at all motor? and i dont have mutch money to spend on forged pistongs and forged rods so can anyone tell me how can i make anywhere near 200hp all motor cuz i seen it get done but iam not sure how and i know ti didnt had forged pistongs or rod.

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to answer your question on what you can use to make atleast 200whp on a ls/vtec reliably. Lets start off with the block you are receiving. I have built many ls/vtec's around my area and b20/vtec's also. For my ls/vtec's I usually get .020 over b16 piston. I have the block bored and honed. ( I do this to make sure the cylinders are straight and get the clearances i'm trying to get) I have the rods and pistons pressed out from the b18b1. Get the rods resized if needed. Get the new pistons pressed on and have the rotating assembly balanced. I also would upgrade the oil pump to a v-tec pump. Also get a vtec water pump. For what you are trying to accomplish you will not need a block guard or sleeving. I think I have covered the block already. Sorry if I missed anything. For the head, you can have it pocket ported with a nice 5 angle valve job. I would run some stage 2 cams with valvetrain to match. Just mill enough on the head to make it straight and true. As for an intake manifold and header I would use a type R or skunk2 for the intake manifold and a large header (4-1 type). a 64mm throttle body will get it going. And as far as fuel, I usually use a RC 440 injector with a hondata s100. I really don't get the s200 as for the basic setup with no bells and whistles the s100 will get the mission accomplished. This set-up I have running in my friends car where he has run low 13's -high12's depending on air (22inch slicks). Has been running for 5 years+ and has logged in over 70,000 miles. Talk about reliable. If you would like more specifics or in need of a builder please feel free to give me a ring. Be realistic about your goals and budget and only satisfaction can happen

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