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Throttle/shift cable adjustment


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Hi guys...new here coming from another honda forum that seems to have become taken over by inexperienced post whores. My problem is setting the adjustment of the kick down cable from the throttle to the at. (90 accord ex, 261,000 miles). If I set it the way the haynes manual says it shifts decent but at 55 mph with the cruise on it jumps in and out of lockup constantly. My next try was to hold the throttle wide open and adjust the cable so that the arm on the tranny was fully raised and there was minimal slack in the cable...this cured the lockup problem but now it has delayed shifting from 1 to 2 and especially from 2 to 3 and the shifting is rough. I just bought the car for 400 bucks just to drive to work (100 miles a day). I changed the tranny fluid 4 times in a row (as recomended for a full flush) and used honda z1 fluid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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the tranny may be shot. 261k in the factory tranny? it may have took a duece


I would believe this except for the fact that it does not slip at all...I'm just tired of guessing at the adjustment. I also read somewhere that a failing tcu can cause rough shifts.

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