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so it took them forever to finally make 1 piece headlights with clear lenses so we dont have to spend $600 to get rid of the ugly stock ones.


now someone has smartened up and realized theres a market for the fog lights. ive seem them in clear and black housing, and for only $77 its not bad. wondering what the fitment is like.



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LOL...where were these when I had my Sol. I could never fathom spending $300 or so on EDM AUX lights...altho I would have if I could ever get my hands on a pair. OH WELL...I'm guessing these still take the crappy bulbs on USDM Sols, unlike the EDM ones.

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I'm down. I hate having plastic lights. >_>


Edit: Time to order a pair when I get some more moneys. The black doesn't look bad, but I'll go with clear. JDM YO. Rofl.

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