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FS: Nikon D40 **GONE**


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Decided to sell my D40 kit and upgrade with some of the Christmas money I'm getting. I've only had the camera for about a month or two and it only has around 600 clicks. 600 is extremely low on a camera that's rated for 40,000 clicks or better in it's lifetime. Anyway, it comes with the Camera body, 18-55mm kit lens, camera strap, CD, books, box, etc. Everything that came with it when new. Camera is in perfect shape and no problems at all with it.


$410 shipped/paypaled firm.

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It's GONE!!!!


Traded my entire kit for a D70s body with 5800 clicks. The guy's kid used it more as a point and shoot and wanted something smaller. I don't mind getting the body only since I was planning to get a 50mm f1.8 prime anyway and I never much cared for the crappy kit lens. I think I got a pretty good deal. So basically


Traded my D40 w/ Kit lens for D70s body and spent 115 on the prime lens. Also have a 55-200 on it's way too so I won't be so restricted. I'm pretty excited.

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