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distributor question


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my cars keeps shutting off after like 20 minutes of actual driving and a few people looked at my car and told me it was my distributor failing someone online told me to check the distributor to make sure thats what it is...i was wondering how do i check the distributor to see if its broken? what signs do i look for

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you need an ICM most likely. maybe your coil is getting bad.

i agree with the igniter is the problem. When the cars goes out does it start up when it cools down? You can check it when the car dies. Remove the dist cap, disconnect the neg wire on the coil. Get a test light and put the clip from the test light to the positive side of the battery and the end of the test light to the wire you just disconnected. Have someone crank the engine over and the test light should flash. Important to do this test when the car actually shuts off and wont restart. Hope that helps

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