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Ready To Buy NOS!

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Okay im ready to buy me a NOS KIT. yes i know, i shouldnt blah blah its just something ive always wanted to have. im doin it reverse after i install it ima upgrade engine parts an build to run higher shots.


I hear 50 shot on stock evo ix should be fine with no problems. but i dont plan on using it alot. hardly ever probobly just a little extra to have incase im losin a race if i ever do race. ;D.




Question is..


Will Any NOS kit universal 4cyl work with my evo? And if so wich one would you prefer? NOS SNIPER KIT 4 cyl or.... NOS KIT 4cyl. The sniper kit looks cheaper but NOS kit looks better actually. Whats your opinion?




DO you think running 50 shot would be fine?


Thanx guys! :drool:

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Watcha know about NOS!?




Popcorn, playa!




NOS is a hype, I would go with Nitrous Express, they have a very good reputation for having very accurate to rated jets. I would think the 4G63 could handle a bit more then a 50 shot stock, they are very well built motors; in comparsion, stock B-Series motors can do 75 shots fairly safely, fairly often. Definetly do all your research though, because just like any other power adder that you can control, I guarantee you will use it more then you think. I rarely planned on using my car on high boost on the street, but I've flipped the switch multiple times, just for a romp. I definetly think a 50 shot should be fine, but most Evolution owners I know run intercooler sprayers; I personally think that if you go nitrous, go direct port or don't bother. Any universal kit will work, that's why they are called universal. The kits that are "made" for model specific vehicles most likely have lines that are sized up for certain mounting places and may be a bit easier to wire with stuff such as specific diagrams. Go for it, I am going nitrous turbo as well!

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you can wire it up that way, thats for sure


just put the WOT switch in series with the dash switch. that way they both have to be activated in order for nitrous to be flowing.


btw if something goes wrong, first instinct is to let off the throttle --> which shuts off the nitrous. how many people are going to remember to shut off a switch in a panic situation, let alone react quick enough.

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