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So since Damaged posted up her dog, I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for pics for the HF pet owners...


Here's my Siberian Husky - Max:





I recently acquired a cat named - N-I-N-J-A (You see her once second then gone the next lol)


Pics to come...also if anyone can tell me what kind of cat she is that would be awesome...she ahem...invited herself into my house.

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I gots me two cats:





This one crawled into the engine of my mom's Jetta one night and we discovered her as she was driving down the road, huddled over to one side in the engine bay and wailing like crazy. She doens't like cars nowadays...

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they're all so adorable!!

here's the rest of our pets...


oliver- 11 year old domestic short hair & siamese (he stays with my mother)



ace- 7 year old border collie (stays at my mother in law's house)



cailean- my 2 year old domestic short hair



then there's also carrie-lou (my mother in law's cat), jerry lee (my father in law's cat) and cody (my father in law's golden retriever), as well as Aries (chris' mustang- horse, not car!) and about 50 other horses they use for rodeo and ranching.

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my wife's cat cosmo




i had a Siberian Husky but he did a couple months back :( he was also 14yrs old.


Edit: She's a devilish little bitch.

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  • 2 months later...

i think i posted this right. anyway, its a video of my cat & our new puppy playing. the cats actually being nicer to him that i originally expected he would be. its super bad editing, but i only took it to send to my family- you can even hear me on the phone to my mum at the time.


edit- i cant figure out how to embed it. oh well.

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cute pets everyone...


I only have had fish...when I was a kid...they were guppies...and they had 42 baby fish (I helped the lady fish deliver lol)...then I let my cousin take care of them when I was on vacation and they all died idk why...

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