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im thnking about doing an integra front end conversion. Any suggestion


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it would look good with an ITR swap but its a lot of money, time, and ass pain. Soimeone on here was looking to do a swap and they were like $1500+ and were in really poor condition.

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i have a 89 rex si with a 98 civic ex front end on it. looks like ass. headlights are way to big for the car, also the bumper. just doesnt look rite. i know ur asking about an integra front but i can imagine that the results wouldnt be so hot. as far as the work goes... the guy that built the one ive got had to graft the back of the crx fender into the front of the civic fender, and build the body lines from mud. of course the core support ,radiator, hood latch, hood (which was to long) and bumper. the result was to much fender gap at the front of the tire compared to the back. hope this info helps

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CRX with teggy front end? I've never seen that but can't picture it looking good. And that's assuming you're talking first gen teg. The newer it gets the worse it would look.


Oh come on...there's got to be at least one Honda owner out there who has done this...


...OH LOOK! Found him! >>> http://www.cardomain.com/ride/491893


After seeing that, I'd say go with something at least within the generation...but I wouldn't do it at all.

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I guess a 2nd gen Honda CRX with an 2nd gen Acura Integra front end looks good to some people, I just don't see it.


When I had a 1st gen Honda CRX, I was working to get a 1st gen Acura Integra (88-89) front bumper onto my ride; I wanted the fog lights integrated into the turn signals. Everything bolted together, but the Integra equipment did not line up perfectly (even 1/8'' gaps).

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I'm in the midst of a 93 del sol si with a integra front end conversion. i know some people don't like them but then again who cares what other people think. so far i have had to get the integra radiator support fenders hood if you want to go as far as adding the front supports off the integra go for it. as for me i decided to add some sheet metal to fil the gap front the support to the radiator support to the "frame". i have to cut my integra fenders in half and weld them to my del sol fenders which is porive to be tricky becuase i don't know where to cut and weld the two together. i also need intgera hood hinges becuase the del sol hinges don't put the hood where i need it with the del sol induction cowl. and just to f with the JDM Kids out there i put a xenon urathane front bumper on it becuase stock is just not good enough from japan or america. but other than that it is pretty cut and dry it is a little work and a little time but i felt it was worth it is del tegras look hot. there a picture of my del sol on drop jaws web site under than freakshow pictures it was pre conversion. there is also a pic of a civic conversion EG also with those pics. if you got any questions about the conversion hit me up.

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