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new HP/TQ numbers in..


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well, i havent been posting much on my setup, but i figured id make a thread to keep everyone updated.


Exterior: i bought a jdm front lip and jdm rear spats, just waiting to get them painted.


note, these are the exact parts, just on the previous owners car. havent gotten a chance to snap a pic.









Interior: TR Interior, Sparco Torino's


crapty pic again, sorry. not my car. still gotta take some pics




torinos, Black with grey:






and for the gooddd stuff.





Perrin GT30R Turbo Kit




and here is a comparison of the 30r to my Green: green on left 30r on right





the kit comes with uppipe, downpipe, tial 44mm wastegate, turbo, all oil lines and coolant lines, perrin big maf. basically everything for me to just bolt on and go. (well, need another tune.



enjoy. i will add more pics and updates as i go.

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^yes, and yes. its not that im not happy with it, i just want more power and im getting a sweet deal for this setup. and i can sell my fp green for close to what im going to pay for the gt30r setup, so why not?

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im getting the turbo this saturday, so im going to do some research and make sure i have everything i need to install it. ill probably call xx tuning sometime this week to make an appointment for a tune. i want to try to get a methanol kit before i get tuned and maybe get a new exhaust.

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