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I am putting a lot of thought into purchasing some body mods for my '97 Accord LX 2dr, but the prices are SOOO high. Anyone know of any somewhat cheaper places? Maybe a website that sells stuff for just over wholesale price? Like these 3 audio websites...




www.sonicelectronix.com (<--only one that sells JL Audio!)

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uh i dunno, try bodykits.com


the best way to search for stuff is find the one you like and then do a google search.


also this is basically the same thing as the other thread, you could have just asked it there

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Ha ha no doubt. I plan on one day making this car a toy and weekend car. Once i get another vehicle (or street bike) ill be able to do a lot more to it. As of right now, i need to be able to drive this car almost every day. That makes it challenging to put it up in the garage for 4 or 5 days while im working on it.

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air walker japan huh nancy you know so many companies/parts that ive never even heard of. but yeah the majority of kits are rice, took me 4 years to find this one, and its still the only sol ive seen with it

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air walker japan is pretty rare to find. its kinda like a ma and pa shop in japan. similar to backyard special. theyre like 900 just for the front bumper.


this is an air walker japan bumper for ek's. looks sick, i think.





heres a backyard special bumper.


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between the headlights/hood/fenders?

they work as brake ducts to circulate air into them to keep the brakes cool. use common sense man. you have to remember that jdm kits server more for function rather than the cheap rice youre used to.

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