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O.k. I finally got my wiring harness hooked up and my transmission mounts in. I must say the car is alot quicker than I thought, but not quick enough. My current engine is the D16Y8. My friend has a '96 civic with this same motor and he is cranking out right around 350 hp. I am thinking of building and boosting mine as well. Should I go with what I got or get the b16a sirI swap? For the money I might go with what I've got. How much hp, max, could you squeeze out of the D16Y8? Because he says he can turn the boost up with a little more modification.

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I have a D-series engine- matter of fact, it's a D16Y8 (98 EX Coupe). If you want to build a D-series... especially to something like your friend's car... 350 HP is A LOT for that engine. He would have to have a built core- valves/rods/pistons/crankshaft etc... built head- retainers/springs/camshaft/camgear... etc. Plus that means he dumped money into a fuel management system, upgraded his fuel pump, injectors, everything in that line. Plus, the turbo, intercooler and so on... he must be running around 25-30 psi. He has to have a different transmission... as the Y8 won't hold up to anything like that kind of HP.


My point is that a D-series engine running at 350HP HAS to be FULLY built... everything, top to bottom, all delivery systems, etc. Here's what you're looking at... dumping around 10k or so(plus any work you can't do and have to pay for) into a D-series to run it at 350hp, or getting a COMPLETE B16 swap for 3.5 to 4k, but that's rated 160hp at the crank. The D16Y8 is rated 127 at the crank.


Here's to give you an idea of what I did... I had 2 choices:


Spend 3.5 to 4k for a full JDM B16A2/3 swap for transmission, mounts, harness, motor, axles... everything for a full swap and walk out with a whole 160 at the crank (160-127= 33hp gain)... granted the VTEC hits harder and the engine is more mechanically sound (rod/piston ratio is MUCH better than the D-series).




Do what I actually did do, and I decided to buy a T3/4 Turbo kit, intercooler kit, 12:1 FMU, Greddy Turbo Timer, Oil Cooler, and gauges for $1200. I'm running 7 Psi (safe) on stock internals and I'm almost at 200 WHP... a much bigger gain than an expensive B-series swap for only $1200 as opposed to $3.5-4k.


Personally... either your friend is BSing you, because there are just not that many D-series monsters, or he's sponsored by some big companies or he's someone who has some money he can throw around...

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