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Call of Duty 4

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The game is INSANE! :drool: I just beat it on normal.. But I had a blast playing it and will play it again to beat it on another level. I think its well worth buying. It has non stop action, put it this way.. If you dont move up the enemies will and by the bunch.. Not to many guns to pick from but atleast alot of ammo to have fun with them. and just when you think a scene from the game is about to play..you look down and say O sh!t im still playing. I had alot of fun playing "Bombs Away" If you ever seen a video online of a plane dropping bomb on a group of guys with the infrared view.. Bomb Away, is as close as its going to get from doing it in real life.

I give it a 9 Over all score.:thumbsup:

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me mate got this on the 360, and OH MY GOD it is good. the graphics are simply stunning, one of the best looking games ive seen on the 360. its one of the best shooters ive played, a load better than Halo 3 in certain ways. yeah I can see it being game of the year, but then Halo 3 is gonna take over than i reckon, just cos it is what it is.

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yeah i know i revived an old thread. but my dad bought it for me yesterday and its kicking my butt. its not a very forgiving game on the harder difficulty levels.






******************SPOILER BELOW***********************






when the helicopter gets knocked out of the sky from the nuke, is there any way you can make your guy survive by crawling to a certain place?

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