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Wassup guys havent been on here for a long time but here is the update.I just got my Jdm Tranny today picked it up for 250.00 W/free shipping. After I put it in im going to sell the CRX..yes its true.. Still not sure what should be my base sales price but I need atleast 3'Gs to buy another CRX around my area.

Going to pick up a 89 white CRX 15"black w/silver lip rims with a B16, header,cold intake and full cat back everything else is pretty much stock.


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why not just keep your CRX if your gonna buy another one?


My crx is not stick. The white crx has a better motor (JDM B16A) & is stick. Clean body .Has rims. and everything I said above ..My Car is pretty much looks with some power. I love CRX's wanted one since i was 11.


Now that you bring this up.. should I sell mine and get the white one


save and a get a JDM H22A there asking $1,900.




Honda H22A Engine JDM

Displacement (cc): 2157

Power (bhp@rpm): 220 @ 7,200 rpm

Torque (ft/lbs@rpm): 163 @ 6,500 rpm

Compression Ratio: 11:1

Bore (mm): 87

Stroke (mm): 90.7

Cam Design: DOHC

Valve Train VTEC








Power Steering Pump

AC compressor



Intake Manifold

Exhaust Manifold



Axels (available)


$1,900 Plus S/H

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