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wondering if anyone know's anything about this??


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Ok so I have a 1990 accord LX...everything is stock but the headunit..speakers and catback... but a few weeks ago my battery light came on...and i alreadi put another battery in from a different car...so i worked..then it started it again..so i got the alternator checked...and that was fine...so i just bought a new battery today finally thinking that it would be all finee...and it was still on...and the termenals are fine..i did all that myself...i just dont know what else to do...another weird thing is..that everytime i put up the headunit to one of this highest volume levels...it just like skips...like the sound cuts out...and keeps doing it until i turn it down...and it does it with all 3 headunits i put in there....cause i thought it would just be the headunit...but it's nott...and all the wiring is fine to the speakers...but idk...if someone know's something that could help me out that would be soo much appreciated! thank you very much for reading this! hope to hear from someone soooonn!

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