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06 SI Audio Problems after disabling system


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i was messing around with the fuses (not reading the manual first) when i realized my whole audio/navi system was disabled. I've since located my PIN & was able to get the navi & stereo to turn on but there is no audio besides the XM radio. i'm getting XM to work but why is there no sound from the CD or Tuner???

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does it ask for a code or can you turn it on and scan through the stations but just no sound?


it asked for the code once & i entered it. the radio & navi turned on but there is no sound when i try to play a CD or the radio. like i said before XM seems to work fine and i've even connected my ipod to it and it sounds just fine. i just cant play CD's or listen to the radio.

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You are saying your radio turns on but there is no sound? Also, you stick a cd in and there is no sound? the only sound is JUST the nav?? did you ever pull out your radio and disconnect any plugs?



yes. radio tuns on and navi works fine. however, no sound when i play a CD or the radio. XM radio is ok. i didn't pull out the radio or disconnect any plugs, i just deactivated the audio system when i pulled out the audio system fuse in the fuse box. from what i've read online, i think i have to re-enter a serial number. i have the radio code & serial number but do you think i'll have to take it to the dealer to re-enter the serial number?

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