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D15z1 ECU


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Ok i have a d15z1 vtec in my 92 hatch back and i have seen that its the economy motor that honda made even though it has vtec well the thing is iam not sure my ECU is the right one cuz i see alot of people talking about the p28 being the right computer for all vtec motors so heres the thing i have a ECU that says 37820-p28-A02 but i heard that there is also aother one that instead of being at the end A02 its A01 so can anyone tell me whats the right computer for my car or what i would have to do to my motor to make it work with the computer i got?

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the P07 ecu is what comes in the VX civic if it wasn't swapped for anything else.


well it has that computer the one that says P07 but man than thing is slow as hell with that computer then when i put the P28-A02 that i got from an ex civic u can tell the car has more power so what should i do? iam wondering if i can fit in my d15z1 block everything from an d16 vtec mottor of the civics vtec ex like pistongs rod and the head i got whish iam still not sure what civic its from all i know its a d16 vtec head with the p28-A02 ECU i got thats also from an ex but i dont know if that will work and if the harnes my motor has will work fine and if all the sensors from my engine will work right sense iam putting the ecu of a ex on the d15z1 motor help me out on that one pls

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