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A new ride (Hybrids & Solar Power)


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I was out and about this weekend and I saw a Honda Element towing an identically painted trailer. It was the Galapolos Green, and looked really neat.


I started doing some research and discovered this was a Little Guy. http://www.golittleguy.com/cms I did some looking around the site and saw the very same person in their photo gallery. Pretty cool, I think...


What I'd like to know is if there are plans on a Hybrid Element and secondly if those trailers could be wired to collect power for the vehicle by use of solar panels...


If anyone knows, please respond...I am looking for something like that and am thinking that I will get something done in 12 months or less...

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The Chevy Evolt (I think it's called) looks pretty sick. If you drive less than 35 miles it's all electric and recharges in a couple hours. More than that and it gets 150 mpg. That's progress. There's no way I will tow around a trailed just to utilize some inefficient solar panels. Though, now that Honda's working on solar technology maybe we'll see some sick stuff with that too.

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Nothing has 0 emissions. That electricity has gotta come from somewhere. Until we switch to entirely solar/hydro/wind power, that is.


I read that to power the USA entirely on wind power we'd need to replace some mid-west state with only wind-generators. I was like, "That's not that bad..."

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