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I've been looking into buying an SLR for a while now and all the picture threads have just pushed me to buying one. I'm looking at a Nikon D40x. if anyone has some feed back on Nikon camera's let me know. Also alot ofthe places i have looked ata say that the camera is "body only" does this mean that it comes with just the camera and no lenses?

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Canon has a better lens lineup :D


Body only means all you get is the camera itself, no lens. Most cameras will offer a kit that comes with a lower end starter lens for about $150-$200 more.

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The 18-55 kit lens on the Nikon kits is much better quality both image and build. If you plan to run the kit lens for awhile then get NIkon. If you plan to get a body only and then a different lens, then either are good.


If I was you I'd look for a used D50 or D70/D70s. There are a lot more lenses for those that will autofocus. I personally wish I had bought a used D50 D70/D70s. I know I just bought mine, but I'd consider selling mine so I could pick up a used D70. PM me if you're interested. I've had the camera for about 3 weeks so it's essentially brand new with very few shots on it.

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I'm sorry but that's the dumbest thing I've heard on here in awhile. If you are getting entry level gear, it's the exact opposite. The Rebel XT/XTI's build quailty is nowhere near the Nikon D40/D80. Not only that but Nikon makes some amazing pro stuff like the new D3 or even the D2xs. Both are amazing equipment that have there loyal followers obviously.

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