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Anyone have 90-93 Accord Alternator replacement DIY?


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Took 3 hours to replace. Removed power steering pump and set it on top of the cruise control diaphragm. Read in certain places that you had to disconnect the pump and leak it all over the place which is not necessary. The only annoying item was the A/C pipes were in direct blockage between the radiator and the alternator bracket with a socket wrench while trying to loosen the alternator.I would have written a DIY but I was rushed for time.

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I'm looking for advice on how to replace 92 Accord alternator but cannot find any information. Does it require removal of PS pump or axle?





it took me 3hrs to do mine but i didnt take out my power steering pump or anything i juss disconnected the ac hose and worked like that it was hard because no room but it would prolly be easier to take out your power steering pump so it doesnt take so long

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