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'01 Accord Issue with Lights or Alt??

Don Pisto

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I replaced the stock alternator with a 160A alternator so it will help with all the additional electrical equipment I'm running (sound system). Since the install (it was a direct bolt on and used the OEM casing, just has a smaller pulley and more amperage) I have a problem where every now and then, mostly when I'm braking and the speedometer shows below 10 mph or so, the lights for the low battery, emergency brake, and doors and trunk being open light up.


This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen often. Sometimes it will flash rapidly. When the vehicle is stopped and I put it in neutral and back to drive, it stops and goes away the moment it is in neutral. I have checked my battery and its sitting at 14.5V while running and 12.8 while rested for a while.


I was told by the person who sold it to me that the computer needs to be reset. I go to the dealership and the guy says he doesn't think that will do anything but can do it if I want, but it will cost $90 (labor charge per hour even though it will only take like 10 mins). And he said if that doesn't fix the probelem, then who knows what will, they would have to inspect and that would cost an additional $90 per hour. I'm not lookin to do that so I'm seeing what other options I have or if anyone knows how I can reset the computer myself. If it's not too difficult, maybe I can try it out, or if anyone knows what else this might be that would be great. Thanks!

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I've done that as well. Had to do it while taking out the alt. Even did it yesterday since I had to take out one of the additional wires i had hooked up from the alt to the battery positive because it had come off the ring terminal and still have the problem. It hasn't done it much, but I also haven't been braking much since I'm not in traffic and im driving mostly on the freeway. Any idea what else it might if its not the computer?

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