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Hello everyone!


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I just created my account here and I hope to enjoy this forum and learn from other people's experiences. I am in southern Florida and I have been driving a Civic 98 Sedan for almost 4 years now, with no mods. I plan to keep it for a while before trading or getting a new one. In the meantime I would like to make simple mods (especially the ones that I can do myself and that are not too costly). I was thinking of changing headlights and tail lights first, maybe adding fog lights later. I would like suggestion on how to improve the lighting in the front panel (gauges) because the standard light there is not enough. And of course, I am open to other ideas you may want to share with me.


Thanks for your time and you all have a great weekend.



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Welcome to HF, Rebel.


Take a look at older threads as they will typically answer common questions you may have. I know the gauge lights is a common question so just do a search. Headlights and tailights is also fairly common, so if you have any questions about installing, I'm sure you could find a thread that describes it. Otherwise, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Most people here are fairly knowledgeable and resourceful, and will help you with anything that has not been previously asked a million times.


Also, luxury accomodations are provided for a small fee.

Enjoy your stay at the five star HF.

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@wannaBstuntin: Thank you for the welcome message and I will look into the other threads. I am sure I will enjoy my stay here at the HF. Have a good one!


@busted ls1: Yeah, I am in Broward County which will translate into Southern FL. Enjoy your weekend!

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