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98 Accord Gas Cap P0420 code??


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I recently purchased a 98 Accord EX 4 cylinder Automatic trans, 140,000miles. The CEL was on and AZ pulled about 4 codes that appearanly related to a faulty/loose gas cap. Well, the previous owner had pulled away from a gas station with the knozzle still in the filler neck, damaging it so the gas cap wasn't seating right. I have reseated the inner sleeve on the filler neck and did my best to reshape the outer threaded portion of the neck. It feels like the gas cap goes on all the way now. However, after resetting the codes and driving it for a little while, the CEL came on again. This time, it's the P0420 code. I had AZ reset the code, and when I first start up the car, it idles low and rough for a short while, then it rights itself and the car runs fine. Unfortunately, after driving it for a short while, the P0420 code comes back. So, can this code still be related to a problem with the gas cap or it not seating properly?? Thanks in advance.

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i worked at AZ for a couple years.... P0420 is a code for the cat bro... i got a 99 LX and when i bought it from the dealership it had an 0420 code... i made them replace the cat for me, even though they argued that wasn't the problem, and it's been fine ever since

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