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ok.. ive never done a swap in my life, as much as i want 2 :sad: (dont kno enough yet). i have a 1999 civic si n i bought a COMPLETE JDM B18c5 with almost 30k miles on everything: engine, tranny, ecu, and wire harnes. me n a couple of my friends got the c5 in the si, bolted down n everything but i didnt use the JDM wire harness. i used the USDM SI wire harness. we tried starting the car with the Type R ecu n it wouldnt go...the engine was turning but there was no fire. thinking it might have been a distributer problem, we swapped the distributer with the b16a distributer. after that we went 2 start it and the same thing, engine turning but no fire. so we swapped the ecu's(put the si ecu back in). we went 2 start it up and it turned and fired n started shortly after we got the fireing order correct :p . it idled fine and when we gave it light throttle 2 rev it up it was ok. but when we gave it heavy gas it would die. so we swapped throtle bodys, determening that was the problem, which eliminated that problem. it starts up good n runs decent now but its not running the way it should be 'cause its running on the SI ecu which is the only ecu between the 2 that it would start with. my question is, is the Type R ecu not workin because im using the USDM wire harness. or is it just a defective ECU. or do i need a Type R main relay 2 get it 2 work or does that even matter??? i think its because of the wire harness but im not sure n its driven me crazy because i jus wanna kno wuts goin on so i can finally go driving again..lol sumone please help me.



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