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Seem to be having an issue.


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What's happening is .. a rattling sound at the right front part of my car. I'm assuming it's suspension related because it doesn't sound like it's coming from the tranny. Here's the rundown.


If I go below 30..maintain a steady speed at ANY speed below 30 .. on a mildly bumpy or even SMOOTH road I hear this vague rattling..sounds like a clunking ..grinding and rubbing sound all mixed into one. I checked everything behind the tire and nothing seemed to have been rubbed on. If I go above 30..and coast, either in or out of gear I get nothing.


If I go below 30 .. in or out of gear, it will make the sound. It doesn't as I'm braking, but it damn sure makes the sound when I'm in gear..not so much when I'm out, but it's still there.


I took it to a shop today, to a guy I've known for a long time who's been doing automotive work for at LEAST 30 years .. He tells me a couple hours later that the right front "caliper bracket" was loose .. And, compared to the left one..you could wiggle it somewhat. I agreed..he showed me. The entire caliper was wiggling. So, he fixes it. 20 miles down the road I hit a bump in the road and whatever he had done was jarred loose. Now the sound is much more quiet, as there isn't as much wiggle as there used to be but the sound is still there.


What would be your suggestion to me (you being the site), for repairing? Replacing entire caliper assembly or what?

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its nice to know your car is running smoothly at all times....i'd just replace it rather than ghetto rig it everytime it comes loose.


I'm trying to put away money for a Wilwood kit .. that'd eliminate that caliper completely..the kick in the ass is I have four wheel disc .. So .. LOL.

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double check that brake thing, i thought i had the same problem in the same place... it turned out to be a worn(to the point that it was gone) suspension bushing on the rear of the lower control arm, it seemed very intermittent. not that the caliper wasn't loose, but i'd look very closely at the bushings.

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Ended up being the brake pads. For some odd reason they weren't quite as thick as any other's and were basically loose in the brake caliper.. Replaced them, silenced the issue.

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