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stock cd player won't spit out CD?


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I have a friend who has a 03 cr-v and her cd won't eject. I told her to take off a terminal and place it back on, to reset the radio, and then enter the code to see if it'll eject the cd. She did so but no luck. Any other suggestions aside from bringing it to the stealership?


Help me out guys, this could be my only chance to get into her panties.

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have her give the cd player to you so that you can "fix" it. break it open and get the cd. get another one out of a salvage yard or a dealership and give it to her. if youre so anxious to get in her panties, then 50 bucks wont mean much.:thumbsup:

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Partially inserting another disc over the top of the stuck one should make it eject. It's worked on a couple of players in the past for me. The player might be fine.

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Using some thin tweezers may help. I had this problem in a newer Durango...and i just kept pressing eject and it came out...took about 10 mins. Along with the 2nd cd thing, try using the 2nd cd to push the cd that is stuck in some more, not sure if that would work, and then press eject.


Even better, why not just ask her out??? She's not gonna drop her panties for you just because you got a CD out.

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