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im bored... someone talk about somethin


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i never got to put my say into the other thread until you decided to get it locked up justin. you got your panties all in a bunch.


i was stating my opinion. if you dont like it, fine. i really could care less. i even went out of my way to make sure i gave you props in your car and you still took it as like i was attacking you. just because i dont like neons doesnt mean you gotta bug out man. i actually like your car, i just dont like dodge or "neons." as for you saying a neon and srt4 is like a wrx and a sti, a wrx is a low 14 second car, and neon is what, a 16 second car? never compared each model, just saying how i dont like neons. if you didnt like wrx's or sti's, i wouldnt care, its your own opinion. for you flipping out and trying to call me stupid just makes you look like an butthead on this forum.


i dont want this to get locked up, i just wanted to state back what i meant by the post. my bad for offending you if i did.


but anyways, since you want something to talk about, im in class right now and my teacher pretty much just got canned cuz she sucks lol.


oh, and my exterior will be done soon, and my brackets for my brides are coming wednesday. so ill have some new pics. yayy.



oh,...and some f*ck kicked my door and fracked my back driver door. stupid motherfrackers. i dont know if i told anyone on this forum about that.

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yeah i'll post up what i had on last game in a little bit. but they kicked jesus out of a football game, how can you do that? next game hes going back with a fight the power sign




i need to meet your group of friends.


if you ask a couple members on this site, you'll know instantly i fit right in. LOL.

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