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randy moss is like that made up character in madden who catches everything. did you see that one handed catch he made? nuts. brady was on a mission in the 4th quarter, they scored that TD almost too fast

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I missed the game cuz I was driving back here. All I care about is that they won, and the fact I made $20 bucks on that game and $100 on the Ohio St and WI game.



How did you make anything on a game that osu was guaranteed to win? who in thier right mind would have bet against them?


I caught that catch on the sports news this evening. That was downright awesome!

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the pats barely slipped by. great game, nonetheless! dare i say brady > manning??


why were the head coaches all bitter with each other?

they barely won on top of the fact the Colts best receiver wasnt even playing. woulda been a different story if they had their full line up. oh well good game. i wanted the Colts to win so bad. my poor Eagles blow :(

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the pats got so lucky. the colts broke down in the final 5 minutes and thats what lost the game. oh well, wait till the playoffs.


im a giants fan so i really dont care, but, whatever lol.

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